Demonstrations and Posters


Manan Shukla, Jianjing Lin and Oshani Seneviratne: Blockchain and IoT Enhanced Clinical Workflow

Enea Parimbelli, Cristiana Larizza, Vladimir Urosevic, Andrea Pogliaghi, Manuel Ottaviano, Cindy Cheng, Vincent Benoit, Daniele Pala, Vittorio Casella, Riccardo Bellazzi and Paolo Giudici: The PERISCOPE Data Atlas: a demonstration of release v1.2

Ľubomír Antoni, Erik Bruoth, Peter Bugata, Peter Jr Bugata, Dávid Gajdoš, Šimon Horvát, Dávid Hudák, Vladimíra Kmečová, Richard Staňa, Monika Staňková, Alexander Szabari and Gabriela Vozáriková: Cordelia – an application for automatic ECG diagnostics

William Van Woensel, Samina Abidi, Karthik Tennankore, George Worthen and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi: Clinical Guidelines as Executable and Interactive Workflows with FHIR-Compliant Health Data Input using GLEAN

Alexandra Kogan, Mor Peleg, Samson Tu, Raviv Allon, Natanel Khaitov and Irit Hochberg: A Goal-oriented Methodology for Treatment of Patients with Multimorbidity - Goal Comorbidities (GoCom) Proof-of-concept Demonstration

Evan Patton, William Van Woensel, Oshani Seneviratne, Giuseppe Loseto, Floriano Scioscia and Lalana Kagal: Development of AI-enabled Apps by Patients and Domain Experts Using the Punya Platform: A Case Study for Diabetes

Jaber Rad, Jason Quinn, Calvino Cheng, Samina Abidi, Robert Liwski and Syed Sibte Raza Abidi: Using Visual Analytics to Optimize Blood Product Inventory at a Hospital’s Blood Transfusion Service


Maria Bampa, Tobias Fasth, Sindri Magnusson and Panagiotis Papapetrou: EpidRLearn: Learning Intervention Strategies for Epidemics with Reinforcement Learning
Michael Skinner, Lakshmi Raman, Sriraam Natarajan and Priscilla Yu: Medical Prediction Using Predicate Data: an Example of Anytime Querying
Tomer Hermelin, Pierre Singer and Nadav Rappoprt: Improving Prediction Models’ Propriety in Intensive-Care Unit, by Enforcing an Advance Notice Period
Mei Ling Fang, Devendra Dhami and Kristian Kersting: DP-CTGAN: Differentially Private Medical Data Generation using CTGANs
Ruolin Wang, Jingming Liu, Zheng Chen, Minghui Gong, Chunping Li and Wei Guo: The Transition Law of Sepsis Patients' Illness States Based on Complex Network
David Riaño, José-Ramon Alonso, Spela Pecnik and Aida Kamisalic: An Ontology to Support Automatic Drug Dose Titration
Miguel Matey-Sanz, Alberto Gonzalez-Perez, Sven Casteleyn and Carlos Granell: Instrumented Timed Up and Go test using inertial sensors from consumer wearable devices
Mario Martínez-García, Susana García-Gutierrez, Rubén Armañanzas, Adrián Díaz, Iñaki Inza and Jose A. Lozano: Learning a battery of COVID-19 mortality prediction models by multi-objective optimization
Noor Jamaludeen, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Andre Brechmann and Myra Spiliopoulou: Discovering Instantaneous Granger Causalities in Non-stationary Categorical Time Series Data
Jeong Min Lee and Milos Hauskrecht: Learning to Adapt Clinical Sequences with Residual Mixture of Experts
Malgorzata Kretowska: Oblique dipolar tree for survival data with time-varying covariates
Gerta Salillari and Nadav Rappoprt: Comparison of classification with reject option approaches on MIMIC-IV dataset